About SRWT


The Susquehanna River Wetlands Trust (SRWT) is an organization that provides a service that the large flashy organizations care little for.

The SRWT is an organization that picks up the small potholes and vernal ponds that large organizations have no time for.

The SRWT has long been involved in these small projects. Without the SRWT, many would not have been done. This is the niche of the SRWT.

All funds for the SRWT are raised by Susquehanna River Waterfowlers Association (SRWA) members via various means.

The SRWT was established to protect the environment, encourage research and educate. The monies generated by SRWT banquets have initiated Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC) research projects, and provides funds to finalized papers, and gathers preliminary information for major projects of kostenlosepornos. It also assists the PGC in funding various things such as the goose-banding project, as well as provide aquatic plants, terrestrial plants, and nest box materials. The SRWT provided $9,000.00 to the Atlantic Flyway Council as the PGC’s share of goose-banding funds click on πορνο.tv.

The SRWT was able to promote the idea that will earn funding for the culmination of the Atlantic Brant Study thereby saving the Brant states and the Canadian Wildlife Service allocated funds. This is what the SRWT does well, it fills the gap between the game commissions and the big conservation organizations.