The Susquehanna River Waterfowlers Association (SRWA) was the result of a handful of sportsmen who felt that the waterfowl hunter in Pennsylvania should have some say in season dates. Since those organizational meetings in 1980, the SRWA has grown, not only in membership, but also in recognition and influence. As the SRWA grew, so did it’s purpose. In order to have some input on season dates and bag limits, the SRWA established a working relationship with the Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC). The past two season time frames (1999/2000 and 2000/2001) were one of the subjects that the SRWA presented to the PGC. The SRWA has come a long way since those early meetings in 1980. Members also voiced their concern for habitat preservation and improvement. While many SRWA members annually mailed their monetary contribution to well-known national organizations for wetland acquisition in Canada, they also questioned the lack of effort directed to their own state. This led to the SRWA’s active participation in the Atlantic Flyway Council. Through attendance and participation in the Council’s technical sessions, the SRWA gained valuable information and assistance, which in turn was put to practical use. This became the start of the SRWA’s habitat projects program.

All materials and nesting structures are provided by the SRWA with manpower coming from the membership. These are prime examples of the sportsman’s money and time being put back into the resource. Projects are initiated by nothing more than a member’s desire to work and a suitable plot of wetland to develop.

Today, the SRWA members are from twelve states and Canada. Membership includes both the hunter and the non-hunter, together working toward improving the various interests shared through waterfowl and waterfowling. SRWA members support various youth days throughout Pennsylvania.

Yearly membership entitles one to a subscription to The Wingbeat, the SRWA’s newsletter on membership activities. It includes topics of concern, technical notes, and classified ads. Activities throughout the year include goose-banding efforts with the PGC, spring waterfowl counts, observation of collared geese, and a spring and fall outing for waterfowlers. If members have the time, they may work at the SRWA booth during the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show and other sporting shows in the area. It is an interesting and fast-paced way to spend the day. At the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show, the SRWA hosts the Annual Head Carving and Decoy Painting Contest. Also during the show, SRWA sponsors the Eastern U.S. Open Duck and Goose Calling Championship.perfectgirl