Code of Ethics


  • I will recognize, that as a member, I am an ambassador of the SRWA and the sport of waterfowling.
  • I will strive to improve my knowledge of waterfowl identification and natural history.

  • I will become knowledgeable about State and Federal regulations and never knowingly violate them.

  • I will follow safe firearm handling in the field, boat and the blind.

  • I will become familiar with my firearm and it’s effective range and will develop my shooting skills to lessen the likelihood of crippling.

  • I will make all reasonable attempts to “recover” downed and crippled birds, and value the use of a trained retriever.

  • I will honor another waterfowler’s space by keeping a respectable distance and refraining from anything that will detract from a mutually satisfying hunt, looking for airbnb property management.

  • I will regard equally all legal methods of hunting waterfowl, decoying, pass shooting and jump shooting.

  • I will treat waterfowl as a renewable resource and make an effort to enhance waterfowl habitat and nesting areas.

  • I will respect the environment official website and be a good steward of areas visited, whether public or private.